Lash Glues with Hot and Humid Weather

Recently with moving to QLD the weather is much nicer and hotter and Ive noticed some glues are reacting differently to when I was working down in NSW.

Do you live in a hot climate and high humidity area and having a hard time with your glue and clients retention?

There are a few things I do to help avoid having Glue troubles;

- Avoid leaving your glue out between clients, always clean correctly, put lid on tight and store it in a glue container. You can also store opened glues in an airtight dark container with rice and silica packs, living in a higher climate may result in you needing to change your glue more regularly - we recommend using smaller glues (5g,5ml) this will help keep your costs down and stop glue wastage.

- What Glue are you using? I find using a slower drying glue works best - (glue loves moisture, the higher the humidity the higher the moisture in the air) which means a slower drying glue will actually dry faster...using a fast drying glue means the glue will already have started the drying process before it even reaches the lashes.

- Make sure your room conditions are perfect to suit your glue, sometimes you may find your glue works best at different temp/humidity as its suggested conditions.

- Use a Hygrometer reader

- Keep your lash bed away from your window, if this isn't possible try putting a sun visor up in your window to reflect sunlight and extra heat, putting up a block-out curtain will also help, try both it can lower temps by 5-6 degrees.....which is a massive win for glue.

- Always shake your glue the very first moment you walk into the salon.

- Take your time and be patient. 

We Know Lashing can be the most rewarding job and also can be tricky but sometimes you can make minor adjustments like I mentioned above without spending a fortune and it making the most positive impact on your business.