Triple Threat Bundle

Triple Threat Bundle

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TRIPLE THREAT = Ultra Bond + Superbonder Combo + Primer

(SAVING $29.90)

Ultra Bond Lash Adhesive (5ml)

1-2 Sec Super fast Drying for Advanced Technicians

Temp 18-25'C (64.4F-77'F)

Humidity 45-60%

Up to 8 weeks retention 

Low Fume 

Colour: Black 


- For Professional use ONLY
- Shake well for 60 seconds before each use 
- Carefully dispense one drop at a time to a glue dot, glue ring or stone.
- Replace drop every 15-30mins

Super Bonder - Accelerate Curing of Adhesive and Maximise your Retention

Adhesive fumes are the main factor causing irritation for eyes. When using Super Bonder, It will instantly encapsulate the fumes and cure the adhesive bonding point. As the result, the eyes are a lot less irritated after the treatment and it will also improve Lash Extension retention.

Super Bonder maximizes retention by up to 30%.

Lashes can get wet in 10 minutes after treatments

Seals adhesive shocking curing

Works with all lash adhesive 

- Wait 2mins after finishing your last lash extension, Squeeze a small drop onto a microfibre brush and wipe along the adhesive bonding points. 
- DO NOT soak the last extension 
- Dry the product with a fan for 2 minutes.

Lash Primer 10mls  

  • A little product goes a long way, You Do not need soak clients lashes as this can cause eyes to sting.
  • Improves glue attachment and extends the life of your eyelash extensions
  • Works well with all glues
  • Avoid wiping primer on skin.
  • Shake for 5 seconds before use.
  • Helps remove oil, dust and sterilise the natural lashes before eyelash extension application